It wasn’t until he almost drowned in the Atlantic ocean that Max Jeschek
decided to open his heart and release his music into the world.
After the production of several Rock albums, now the German guitarist takes
his music to an even deeper and more personal level. The outcome is a
melodic, meditative and minimalistic approach with a warm and wide
acoustic guitar sound –  just perfect to calm down, relax and explore on the
spiritual journey.
Currently, the artist is working on a new album with spiritual instrumental acoustic guitar music which is to be released in May 2021.

Max’s music is used on TV in various European countries, in the U.S. and
– every once in a while – in Japan. In 2020, award-winning Dutch composer Kerani
featured him on her album Sands of Time. His songs are added to
more and more playlists on Spotify.

© Copyright 2021 Max Jeschek